Friday, August 7, 2015

Media Hackers Punk Fundie Radio Show and Promote Spoof Film

Troy Davis writes:

I was checking out the response to last night GOP presidential debate on right-wing talk radio today and was tuned into Bryan Fischer's Focal Point radio show. Focal Point is part of The American Family Association, an American fundamentalist political organization. Fischer is a poster boy for why separation of church and state is a great idea.  Anyhow, he told his listeners to call and let him know which candidate was the most impressive. I dialed the call-in number and acted like a live one to the screener.  Since I had a friend's phone with a 740 area code, I told her I was "Randall from Bridgeport, Ohio."  When Fischer got to me on the show, here's how the call went:

FISCHER: Let's grab a call from Randall in Bridgeport, Ohio. Randall, welcome. What's on your mind?
TROY (AS RANDALL):  Oh, hello, Bryan. Yeah, I really loved both debates and I was especially impressed by the performance by Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and his strong stand against Planned Parenthood. I think one thing that really sets Governor Jindal apart is that he's no Johnny-come-lately when it comes to the fight for Christian values. In fact, there's a film that's a testament to his fight against spiritual darkness. It's called Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story and you can watch it online and it's just really inspirational.  
FISCHER:  Well, you know Bobby Jindal, I mean, there isn't any question, Randall, that Bobby Jindal is one of us: when it comes to his evangelical faith, when it comes to his values, when it comes his recognition of the authority of scripture, when it comes to his being completely unapologetic about publicly praying and engaging in public prayer. You're talking about an exorcism that he witnessed or was a part of when he was in college, [and he] writes unapologetically about that and, you know, he was one of the first governors--I think he was the first governor, maybe, to suspend funding for Planned Parenthood through Medicaid or Medicare--I think it was Medicaid--through Medicaid in Louisiana. He was the first state to do that. Other states have since followed suit, Alabama today. Governor Jindal, you're exactly right, was out there in front. Governor Jindal believes in the power of prayer. He convened, about eight months ago, a prayer rally at Louisiana State, Baton Rouge. [He] got a lot of criticism for that. I got relentlessly hammered over that because AFA was connected to that prayer event so the left just went after me hammer and tongs. Bobby Jindal was undeterred because this was about prayer; it's not about anything else. We're going ahead and we're going to have this prayer event. Alright, Randall, good call. I appreciate that.