Thursday, June 6, 2013

Virigina E.W. Lieutenant Governor Candidate E.W. Jackson, Yoga, and our Jack Chick Tract Parody

e.w. jackson yoga satan demon devil
Troy Davis writes:

The decontextualized page of CultJam Productions' Chick tract parody went viral last summer when people seeing the page thought it was a serious work put out by fundamentalists listing the "components of Satan's Spiritual Structure"; this list included yoga, Scientology, Rosicruscianism, Astrology, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, remote viewing, and other activities.  Most of the things on the list have been the focus of warnings by fundamentalists as doorways to satanic possession (I got most of the things on the list from Chick tracts and from books by former Chick Publications author Dr. Rebecca Brown), so it didn't surprise me that it came out that Virigina Lieutenant Governor candidate E.W. Jackson suggested that yoga could lead one to "serve Satan."  This is fundie boilerplate.

It's true in a way: whenever I'm in a yoga class and hot chicks are doing downward facing dog, I get a demon of lust!

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